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a. Approval of budgets, the annual report and budget settlements from the previous year, and to agree to them being sent to the Department of Agriculture and Food.  In addition the approval of extraordinary budgets and contributions to finance specific objectives, such as advertising, research, etc.

b. Management of revenues and funds of the corporation as well as order payments.

c. Determining the funding of resources of the Regulating Council and approve the basis for calculating rates of the control structure.

d. Establishment of general guidelines for economic management by the Secretary and, if applicable, their ratification.

e. Approval of the divestiture of assets and establish credit transactions. Accept inheritances, donations, bequests or any other asset allocation free of charge made to the Regulating Council.

f. Annual inventory compilation containing property assets as well as intangible and tangible assets valued at more than 300 euros, and notifying the Department of Agriculture and Food.

g. Approval of organization guidelines of services related to the Regulating Council.

h. Approval of the establishment plan and recruitment procedures, without detriment to the staff assigned for the control structure.

i. Organization of the rules of procedure and services, and hiring, dismissing or renewing staff of the Regulating Council.

j. Appointment and dismissal of the Regulating Council's Secretary.

k. Approval of the annual action plans and management of the Regulating Council.

l. Proposal to amend the technical standard and operating rules of the DO

m. Suggesting a DO logotype to the Department of Agriculture and Food.

n. Approval or denial of the registration and cancellation records of the DO with previous binding report of the control structure and if necessary, the stakeholder committee.

o. Suggesting the minimum requirements to be applied by each operator enrolled in each of the manufacturing stages, processing, aging, bottling and marketing.

p. Appointment of natural or legal members of the stakeholder committee.

q. Approval of the appointment of representatives in other entities.

r. Approval of cooperation and collaboration agreements with public authorities and any other entity. Agreements relating to the creation or deletion of associations, foundations,   commercial or civil companies by the Regulating Council, or participation in them will be approved as well.

s. Approval of the reports to be submitted to government regarding matters under its scope of responsibility.

t. Adoption of resolutions on legal proceedings available to any jurisdiction in  defense of the DO , including challenging provisions of any order affecting the DO and Regulating Council , whether the winegrower sector , winemaker, marketer , regional, national , European Union or international . In particular, the administrative contentious appeal against the decisions issued by the Department of Agriculture and Food under the specific legislation of the DO.

u. To rate each vintage or harvest.

v . To arrange the electoral procedure of Parliament.

w. Any other characteristics of the Regulating Council that do not apply or have been specifically allocated to other organs.

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